Time Alignment and Aura Cleansing

Does Bad Luck Follow You?


Timeline Alignment and Aura cleansing will remove all bad energies and negativity from your life

Did you know that we all run our lives according to our timelines. These are spiritual energies and vibrations that run in sync with our daily lives. When we get older and experience so much more stress, have less and less time to spare on ourselves and become like robots, our timelines get out of sync. The consequences of this is that we miss certain events that we should have had. Relationships may break up or have difficulties and we can experience a run of bad luck and this bad luck seems to follow you.

By performing a spiritual ritual with your specifications, Full name when born, date of birth, place of birth and time if known we can re-align your timelines so that you follow the correct path that was set out for you and for you to be able to do all the things you wish to without any mishaps or bad luck. This also sorts out all situations in your life that are out of control by putting back the correct spiritual balance.

You can either purchase Timeline Alignment on its own at £25.00 or you can purchase Aura Cleansing and Timeline Alignment as a package at £45.00.

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