Stephania's Love Spells

Stephania’s Love Spells

Love Spell Expert

Welcome everyone to my page of love spells. It is indeed my pleasure to be able to share these with you and to be given the chance to help change certain aspects of your lives to the more positive. My specialty is love as it brings peace and happiness to life. There is so much anger and fighting in the world today that love is one of the only positive things that can bring calm to our world.

I have been casting Love Spells for more years than I can remember and Professional Spell Casting gave me the Love Spell Expert status three years ago when they won their first reward. Over the years I have cast love spells each one different from the one before and I can say with hand on heart that my spells have always worked. The most common love spell is ‘Bring Your Lover Back’ which arises from so many different situations.  A lost connection, someone being unfaithful or just a change of path. But whatever the reason someone is left behind and it’s my job to reunite love however difficult. 

I have never found spell casting difficult and never a challenge because my results speak for themselves. When it comes to the power of witchcraft and magic there is always a solution and if you have to attack the solution in a different way so be it but the results are always guaranteed, authentic and real.

Blessings to you all!

Azur Azzura £35.00

Bring Your Lover Back

Azur Azzura love spell is all about re-uniting relationships that went wrong in the past for whatever reason. Where there was once love some elements never die whether in memories, gifts we received or photos. If you have a strong desire to get back together and re-kindle your love it CAN be done. Azur Azzura is a very ancient spell once used by the Egyptians and some say even by the gods. This can be a life changing spell.



Safira Claudates £35.00

Bind Love Forever

 Do you wish to have and keep your love forever?  Safira Claudates is a beautiful calming and building love spell.  It turns the love you have into feelings so powerful you will feel amazing warmth from inside. A feeling that nothing can stop your love and a feeling of security you never felt before. The end result is a love that will be joined in harmony together and your thoughts will become as one.





Cassart Amorium £35.00

Love and Marriage Spell

 This is not a complicated love spell. You might have a love and want the relationship to move forward. Or, you are looking for love with the goal of marriage. Of course you have heard that there is someone for everyone or everyone has a soul mate. These are completely true statements. This spell when cast will speed up astral time and attract and attach the love of two people together. The speeding up of astral time is often used when a goal needs to be accomplished quickly. Spiritual assistance is also used. Results will be shown from 30 days to six months depending on your individual situations.






Shirazeus £35.00

Turn the Unfaithful into Faithful


It’s heartbreaking when you are in a relationship and you have given everything you have go, your trust and love, all to find that your partner could be having an affair or is having an affair. It could also be that someone is trying to take your partner away form you. Shirazeus will put a complete stop to all this. White witches do not accept harm done to the good. The unfaithful will be turned. Love will be restored. Just remember with this powerful spell, once you have your love back, if you feel you can’t trust or you don’t feel the some because you have been betrayed, you have to deal with the situation whether you want to carry on or not.





Belemina Madora £35.00

Get Him/Her to notice you


Belemina Madora is a simple love spell that works on your aura and energies and spiritual energies. It conjures up a wonderful white and bright light with all good things attached. This compels others to be drawn to you. They will feel your warmth and love and it will be a start of a wonderful relationship. You will experience the adrenalin, excitement and a constant fast heartbeat of new things upcoming. My clients tell me that this is a good way to lose weight as the excitement you feel stops you eating. Well, maybe some of us could lose a few pounds?




Paziam Palatino £35.00

Restore your love to how it was at the beginning

I am sure you remember the way you felt when you meet your partner. The buzz, excitement and pure happiness. Unfortunately this does fade away. Maybe we take each other for-granted or we just get too used to each other. We all want to feel love and need love. This precious love spell will turn back the clock and take a spiritual photograph of how it was. Those previous energies will be cast back to you. A cleansing of both your auras will be done and those old feelings will start arising again and be restored.





Philotes Sex and Attraction Spells £35.00

This spell is for pure physical attraction and sexual desire.  If you are trying to attract someone and which to be noticed this is a very powerful spell. This spell also acts as an aphrodisiac and compels the one you desire to be drawn to you like no other.  I perform this spell using unique methods which have been passed on to me from my ancestors, grandparents and parents which you can learn more about on the About us page.  The casting of this spell usually takes a little over an hour but has 100% success rate and results show after 30 days. 



Kama Indian Love Spell £35.00

When all feels lost and you are desperate,  there is no where to turn and your love seems lost forever, this is the spell to guarantee the return of your love.  This spell works on energy waves which are all around us but have to be used correctly and by someone who has the fit to utilise them.  For example have you ever thought of a person you haven’t seen for ages and the next day you bump in to them? Or, has the doorbell rung and you knew who it was even though you had no previous indication?  these are energy waves and I used these and the information you give me to cast the Kama Indian Love Spell.  Be sure that your love will be returned to you very soon!


Hera Faithful Love Spell £35.00

This spell has been very popular with my clients who have had problems in their marriages or relationships where their partners are being unfaithful or are about to leave them.  this powerful spell is named after the Greek goddess Hera who was the protector of marriage and took great care to keep people together.  It is performed in two parts.  The first is to repair the broken relationship and bring the couple together again and the second is to destroy the bad energy that was sending negative vibrations leaving you happy, completely fulfilled and reunited.  This spell takes around two hours as meditation is involved as well as my usual spell casting methods. It does however have very powerful results. 




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