Spirit Wishes

These wishes are very precious. They will represent your utmost desires and yearnings that you desperately would like to happen. These are wishes that you really need a helping hand with. Maybe a court case, help with separation, divorce or getting back together. Or, any other problem or wish you desperately want to come true.

When all seems lost and you feel there is no where to turn, I will converse with the spirit world and ask them to grant you your wishes. The dearly departed are there to help us when we are desperate and wait for the calling in order to help the living. It’s one of the worlds’ greatest gifts.

You must be sure that when asking for these wishes they must not harm anyone or your wishes will come back to you triple fold with bad luck.







Please give me your full name, date of birth, place of  birth and time if known. Your three wishes in detail. I will then slot in a time to perform your wishes and send you the details within 48hrs of receiving payment.
















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