Ultimate Power Spells

Ultimate Power Spells

Spells Cost £99.00

These spells are of extreme power and should only be used as a last resort.  they work with the underground power of secret magic combined with deep power within the earths core.  This energy is so strong that when casting spells using this magic and energy it creates a fireball effect that swirls and sends ripples through the whole universe.

These spells must be used in the right way and can only be cast  once for each person so this ultimate power can’t be abused.

Serpents Wrath – 3 in one spell

Reverse Spell

If yo have had a run of bad luckk or you have had someone hex or curse you this spell will reverse all the bad elements in your life.  The spell itself spllits in two and turns the negative and bad energy in to an ultimate power which is then attached to you and the ohter part is sent back to the harmful one who then gets penance triplefold.

You are allowed three things that you desire the most.  It doesn’t matter what they are as long as they don’t do harm to anyone.

If you are thinking about ordering this spell please think carefully about your choices as the outcome is permanent.

I will need your full name and date of birth before working on this spell. I would also like a full description of the problems you are facing so I can link your info with a psychic reading before starting the spell. This will enable me to get you 100% results.


Cauldron of Wealth

Aggressive, Powerful Money Spell conjuring up complete Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Money seems to be the core of post people problems today. They say money doesn’t make you happy but I beg to disagree. It does offer a comfortable lifestyle with a lot less pressure and stress.

Our world is in such a mess and there is so much sadness and negativity that there are knock on effects on all of us whether it be a friend or relative that is having problems or you yourself. When problems arise they seem to get worse and escalate and that is because the vibrations that are being let out create more negative vibrations.

This spell is to completely turn around your financial situation.  to be once again in control of your life. To be free of debt and start walking the path of abundance.

Here is how the spell works:

It will be cast from underground magic as mentioned above with an extreme powerful energy gathered from within the earths crust. Your confidence will be amazing and attract lucrative opportunities to you with exceptional ease. Your aura will be super charged as a magnet so that powerful financial changes will attach themselves to you without you having to struggle to look for them.

An energy will manifest itself to you with luck and pure financial abundance with permanent results. This spell is made up of aggressive magical ingredients only known to my family handed down by our ancestors. This spell is from our Arcarnic Sharmellian spell book which is used rarely and only if ones situation is very severe.  The spell accessories are also used rarely to compliment the spell as this sort of magic must not be abused.  If you are open to the power of magic and are a believer this spell will work magnificently with permanent results!


Xu of Swords – Ultimate Power Custom Spell

This spell is for exactly what you want but it is cast with the underground magic that is used only in desperate times. Think carefully if you want this spell as the results are permanent and it can’t be reversed for 6 months and would take another 6 months to completely reverse itself. You can choose three things that you want which can be anything but wish no harm.  The spell will be cast three times on three separate days and each time it will release extra power.  This spell is totally customised to your exact requirements and will manifest within your inner self and release radiant energy which will draw your request to fruition.  Results for this spell show extremely quickly in as little as one week.


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