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Welcome to this collection of Free Spells which will be added to when we come across a worthy spell to be listed here. We understand that to use the services of a professional spell caster can prove to be expensive which is why we try and offer the best free spells we can find and have been submitted to us. Try these Free Spells out and watch a little magic come your way.

Love one of the few things that make you forget all about the harsh and bad things in this world and embrace life to its fullest.  Love is an emotion and feeling which no one should be without.  An experience which is above all. Whether you need to find love or just strengthen what love you already have. Here you should find a few spells that could help you on your way to fulfil your dreams. The other spells on this page can be used for any situation.

Seek Out the One you Want

Every Friday night coming to completion on a full moon throw salt on an open fire with your right hand whilst speaking these words. 

“it is not salt I turn to fire but the heart of the man/woman I seek. Let him/her have no peace of mind until he/she comes to me”.

This spell must be cast three times on each occasion. On the third time the wording should be slightly altered to

“it is not the salt I turn to fire but the heart of the man/woman I seek”. Then he/she should have no peace of mind until he/she comes to me.

The person sought usually appears within a few weeks.

To Bring Back a Lover

You will need 1 white candle, I black candle a piece of string, some incense.  Light up the incense pick up the black candle and say

“I name you (person’s name)”, then set it down and pick up the white candle and say

“I name you (your name)”, hold up the string and say,

“this shall bind us together in love”. 

Put the black candle over the incense let the smoke go over it for a few seconds. Light the candle and say,

“(person’s name), come back to me no longer shall you ignore me or shall you ever avoid me, come back to me”.

Put the white candle over the incense, let the smoke go over it for a few seconds, light the white candle and say,

”this is me, (your name) full of power and full of misery, I miss my lover that has left my side no longer shall he/she be gone but he/she shall be with me once again”.

Then blow out the candle. Take the string hold it over the incense let the smoke go over it for a few seconds, then place the white and black candles together. While wrapping the string around the candles say,

“I bind you, (person’s) name, I bind thee to come to me”.

Then light the white candle visualising yourself. Then light the black candle visualising him/her coming back to you. Let the candles burn out themselves and the spell is finished.

Stop a Break Up

Take rose water and sprinkle it on the bed while chanting the following incantation.

“Roses of love

bring love anew”

Each partner should take a turn with the spell and visualise the other perfectly with all the old emotions of love that brought them together in the first place.

To Attract a Lover

Get a two or three inch piece of copper tubing. Write the name of your intended on a piece of paper seven times. Place the paper in a tube and close its ends with a pair of pliers. Wear the tube around your neck for seven days and your intended will come to you.

A Simple Wish Charm

Hold a lucky item or charm and light a candle and chant this 3 times.

“This simple wish is mine to cast, a magic spell to make it last.

I close my eyes a little shivery, this wish for me please deliver”.

While still thinking of your wish when you have finished set down the charm and blow the candle out.

To Get What you Desire

Take a horse shoe and put it around a red candle. Put the candle in a darkened room in the middle of a table. Right what it is you want on a piece of paper will a black ink pen. Chant the following words as you write. 

“What I want I write here, please take my dream and bring it here.

What I want is what I should get, let all my dreams now be met”. 

Now take the paper and fold it in a square of four creases. Hold it over the candle with a pair of twisters and let it burn. Picture yourself with your wish fulfilled. As you burn the paper while sanding waves of love add the image you conjured of yourself.

If you would like to add any spells please send them into us and we will be happy to publish them. Some of the above spells have been given to us. If there are any spells that have been copied without permission let us know and we will take them off immediately.



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